Health, climate and economic crises have led to a further deterioration of the multilateral system. On the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, the Progressive Post seizes the opportunity to make proposals for reforming the multilateral architecture.

But the weakness of today's multilateralism further exposes the contradictions that are baked into the capitalist system too. This edition also explores a world beyond capitalism and gathers concrete ideas on how to initiate a profound policy-shift. 

The articles in this new issue of the Progressive Post focus on these critical questions.

“Strategic Autonomy”, a new European concept

The last European Council raised “strategic autonomy” to the level of a central concept for a new phase of the European project. The implications will be multiple not only for external, but also for internal policies. The Covid-19 crisis has exposed multiple weaknesses of European integration: failures in supply chains in vital products, public health …

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Radically transforming the EU economy – and how to finance it

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed a simple truth: today’s model of globalised, financialised capitalism, teetering on a shaky foundation of vast debts and costly credit, cannot deliver human well-being. In order to reverse the course, a safe ecological load has to be fixed – a ‘Plimsoll line’, like the white line on vessels that shows …

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Urban development in Allende’s Chile: going up!

At the time of Salvador Allende’s election victory on 4 September 1970, Chile was experiencing accelerated urbanisation that was deeply unequal. Confronting the housing deficit, and providing access to urban services and facilities would be one of the challenges of Allende’s Popular government. With creativity and involvement of the people, President Allende tackled innovatively the …

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Three solutions for a European climate and jobs pact

This Call is launched by over 700 leading youth climate activists, climate scientists, unionists, economists, environmentalists, entrepreneurs and politicians from all 27 members States, with support from over 1 million citizens (and counting).

It is time for the courage to show solidarity!

German SPD do not have a reputation for being particularly solidary or fair towards our neighbours. Now, they have a new chance to prove that reputation wrong.
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