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    In this nightmare vision of cats in revolt, fifteen-year-old Alex and his friends set out on a diabolical orgy of robbery, rape, torture and murder. Alex is jailed for his teenage delinquency and the State tries to reform him - but at what cost?

    Issue #21 Progressive Post

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The debate around 'feminist foreign policy' is gaining traction. After Sweden set the example in 2014, the number of countries adopting 'feminist foreign policy' is slowly increasing. The concept's contours', however, are still blurred. That's why the Progressive Post has set out to try to understand what happens When foreign policy meets feminism in this issue's Special Coverage.

In the Focus Unbroken Ukraine: one year of war, we look mostly at the human cost of this war – and also invite the reader to think out of the box when it comes to devising the path to peace and reconstruction. In the first Dossier, Is the centre-right still 'centre'?, we analyse what has traditionally been progressives' main competitor, but which seems to increasingly pander to the far right. And in the Dossier Can work be compatible with well-being? we explore the difficulties, particularly for women, of finding a good work-life balance.

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Latest dossiers and debates

Dossier thumbnail
Today, the world celebrates the International Day for Biological Diversity. Humans need healthy and vibrant ecosystems for their own survival. They need food, water and clean air. But because of our destructive, utilitarian and exploitative attitude towards nature, we represent the biggest threat to biodiversity conservation. It is not just about preventing the extinction of some […]
Dossier thumbnail
In the blatant absence of better ideas, and against the backdrop of irreconcilable interests, the approach of the European Union and its member states to migration and asylum is increasingly focusing on the externalisation of their management and on the returns of all those people who do not qualify for protection. This means asking the EU's […]
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Since 1990, for over 30 years now, every 8 April, International Roma Days come and go. But the poverty and inequality Roma communities suffer in Europe and beyond have barely changed. That is shown by the findings of a recent Roma survey of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights. And it is although Roma are subject […]
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A dam seems to be cracking more and more and it might soon come to the point of breaking: European centre-right parties are increasingly willing to either team up with far-right parties to form government coalitions – or at least to govern with far-right parties' support, as happened recently in Sweden. Or, in a much more […]
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On Wednesday 1 March, a week before International Women's Day, the centre-left German government announced the guidelines for the pursuit of its new feminist foreign policy. But what does exactly a feminist foreign policy entail? What potential does it offer? What are its likely criticalities? And what are the challenges that lie ahead? In this new […]
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One year of war has not broken Ukraine and its people. Unexpectedly, the country has withstood Russian aggression. Its cities are the object of strikes and carry the deep scars of the bombing. Some have been captured by the Russian armies and others have been liberated by the Ukrainian forces. The Ukrainian population is suffering the […]

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Next Democracy
A European interest: is there such a thing?
Does a European interest exist? And if yes, what are its characteristics? Fascinating as these questions might be, there is no easy answer: even in the case of a traditional polity as a state, there is no consensus on how to define national interest. Even the national interest is considered a rather obscure and analytically […]
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Next Economy
Europe’s socio-ecological transformation requires a very different industrial plan
Today’s reality can increasingly be described as a polycrisis: the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent disruption of global supply chains; the war in Ukraine and the resulting fossil fuel price crisis; rising inequalities between and within countries, exacerbated by inflation; and, of course, climate change. We need to transform our economy to make it resilient […]
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Next Environment
Our food production destroys biodiversity
The goals and targets agreed upon in a new ambitious international framework to restore global biodiversity will only be met if countries radically transform their agriculture and food production systems. The EU needs to be a leader in bringing food production and consumption back within planetary boundaries. The numbers are staggering: since 1900, an estimated […]
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Next Global
An approach that moves in circles
One year before the end of the European legislative term, the European Union must still find a synthesis between its member states’ different interests in migration. And an agreement on the Commission’s Pact on Asylum and Migration is still slow in the making. Yet, this synthesis is far from being achieved. In addition, every policy […]
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Next Left
A very big victory for PASOK
“A very big victory” for PASOK, Nikos Androulakis, the PASOK leader, said after the announcement of the national election results. PASOK – the Panhellenic Socialist Movement –, a historic party and member of the PES party family, succeed in increasing its percentage by more than 40 percentage points compared to the previous national elections in […]
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Next Social
Saving Europe’s social momentum
One year from now, European politics will be on the home straight to the elections for the European Parliament. Much of the time between now and then will be spent building election programmes and strategies. For the Socialist family, it is obvious to build all these around social questions. In principle, this should be easy, […]
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