What if we could reinvent the internet so that it serves the common good?.jpg
By Geert-Jan Bogaerts
Combating Silicon Valley capitalism and Chinese collectivism, so that the internet can serve the people again.
Bridging the gap between technology and progressive politics.jpg
By Donatella Della Ratta
The gap between politics and internet use in society is widening - time for restoring alliances between tech and progressive politics.
"Citizens need to organise against the social media regime".jpg
By Vincent Mosco
Citizens' mobilisation and other alternatives to the powerful system of surveillance capitalism that Big Tech and governments have created.
cover zuboff.jpg
By Shoshana Zuboff
Surveillance Capitalism uses our data for generating revenues - but without our knowledge or control.
Elections under attack.jpg
By Max Bergmann
Russia's ability to sway public opinion through social media needs to be tackled.
Populists are social media savvy.jpg
By Jean-Yves Camus
Through social media, populists style themselves as the truly modern parties - their opponents still rely on old-style politics.
Nagorno-Karabakh: nationalist politics at geo-political cross-roads.jpg
By Philip Gamaghelyan
The Armenian 'Velvet Revolution' and a de-escalation approach by Azerbaijan create a window of opportunity in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.
The Europe we want, the Europe we convey.jpg
By Iratxe Garcia-Perez
Europe must become an inspiring idea again, synonymous with progress and improving living conditions.
Why millennials aren't voting anymore, and what it means for progressives.jpg
By David Harley
Millennials often don't cast their votes and rarely support centre-left parties – how for Progressives to react?

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