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    In this nightmare vision of cats in revolt, fifteen-year-old Alex and his friends set out on a diabolical orgy of robbery, rape, torture and murder. Alex is jailed for his teenage delinquency and the State tries to reform him - but at what cost?

    Issue #20 Progressive Post

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The sequence of recent catastrophes has thrust new words into our vocabulary, 'polycrisis', for example, or even 'permacrisis'. They have multiple origins, reinforce each other and cannot be tackled individually. But could these challenges also be opportunities for the European Union?

The Special Coverage of this new Progressive Post looks at the European Health Union – aiming to ensure the EU's preparedness for future health emergencies. The Focus on multilateralism and international cooperation, investigates the faults of the current system, while looking at the EU's role in them.

In the first Dossier on the State of the Union, we concentrate on that ever closer union envisaged by the Treaties of Rome and Maastricht, and on how to overcome the EU's dysfunctional decision-making. And in the second dossier on Next Left,we spotlight viable political alternatives to the narrative imposed by the right.

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Latest dossiers and debates

Dossier thumbnail
A dam seems to be cracking more and more and it might soon come to the point of breaking: European centre-right parties are increasingly willing to either team up with far-right parties to form government coalitions – or at least to govern with far-right parties' support, as happened recently in Sweden. Or, in a much more […]
Dossier thumbnail
On Wednesday 1 March, a week before International Women's Day, the centre-left German government announced the guidelines for the pursuit of its new feminist foreign policy. But what does exactly a feminist foreign policy entail? What potential does it offer? What are its likely criticalities? And what are the challenges that lie ahead? In this new […]
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One year of war has not broken Ukraine and its people. Unexpectedly, the country has withstood Russian aggression. Its cities are the object of strikes and carry the deep scars of the bombing. Some have been captured by the Russian armies and others have been liberated by the Ukrainian forces. The Ukrainian population is suffering the […]
Dossier thumbnail
While the Covid-19 pandemic seems behind us without really being so, and while for many workers, many aspects of reality seem pretty much the same now as we knew it before, long-term effects on the work floor seem to be lingering, notably concerning health and well-being, but also work-life balance, work motivation and career prospects. Among […]
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The war in Ukraine is just the last one of the multiple crises, most of them of exogenous nature, that are shaking the world order and challenging the European Union. Increasing power competition, the emergence of alternative development models – like the Chinese – and multiple centres of gravity, and the irrelevance or the lack of […]
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There is no shortage of challenges. The war in Ukraine continues to influence European economies when they are expected to perform and prevent shortages of goods. And while the apparent cost of living crisis makes citizens worry about persevering through the winter, and public systems have not recovered from the Covid era, some profit from the […]

What’s Next

Next Democracy
Italy after the election: please, do not underestimate the danger
Last Sunday’s election in Italy gave rise to the most right-wing majority in recent Italian history. The strongest party in the right-wing coalition, Brothers of Italy, has a clear post-fascist identity. The resulting government will represent a serious threat both for Italy and Europe. The temptation to normalise relations by the economic, institutional, and political […]
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Next Economy
Europe’s socio-ecological transformation requires a very different industrial plan
Today’s reality can increasingly be described as a polycrisis: the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent disruption of global supply chains; the war in Ukraine and the resulting fossil fuel price crisis; rising inequalities between and within countries, exacerbated by inflation; and, of course, climate change. We need to transform our economy to make it resilient […]
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Next Environment
The Iberian energy exception
Last March, Spain and Portugal reached a historic agreement: for the first time ever, two European countries could set a price cap on gas for power generation, for a period of twelve months. A period to seek agreements was opened in both countries, which ended on 9 June, when the European Commission gave the final approval to the mechanism. This undoubtedly proves that the current European Union is very different to the European Union we were living in during the financial crisis of the last decade.
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Next Global
Why we need a feminist foreign policy
Under a Social Democratic-led government Sweden was the first country to pursue a feminist foreign policy. Between 2014-2022 we systematically analysed what decisions would mean for women and girls, using the three Rs – rights, representation and resources. Although the Swedish right-wing government decided to abolish this policy, several countries with different political colours have […]
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Next Left
Fighting for equality rather than copying far-right populist positions on immigration
Far right populist parties have mobilised economically insecure voters by scapegoating immigration. Social Democrats should re-set the agenda by mobilising around equality, rather than copying far-right populist strategies. The far right is no longer confined to the political margins. Under the more palatable guise of ‘populism’, and a language that centres on national and popular […]
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Next Social
Population, migration and the preservation of our planet
On 15 November, the United Nations’ estimates of world population passed the 8-billion milestone. On that day, baby girl Vinice Mabansa, born in a maternity hospital of Manila, was designated as the eight billionth person on earth. The choice of one of the global south’s busiest cities and the capital of the Philippines, a prominent […]
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