Reforms in Armenia: the challenges ahead.jpg
By Armen Grigoryan
The post-revolutionary Armenian government enjoys a high public approval, real reforms however will be difficult.
European organic agriculture: future challenges.jpg
By Isobel Tomlinson
Organic farming helps fighting climate change and the catastrophic decline in wildlife.
War in Libya: the battle for Tripoli and Europe’s responsibility.jpg
By Vassilis Ntousas
General Khalifa Haftar’s push to seize Tripoli by force brings Libya to the brink of war again. The EU needs to get its act together and use its undeniable leverage in the country to prevent a full-blown war and set the bases for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. Since the fall of Muammar al-Qaddafi …

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Organic agriculture: environmental public goods in Europe.jpg
By Nicola Love
Scientific evidence supports environmental effects of organic farming: enhancing biodiversity, mitigating climate change and improving water quality.
A progressive agenda to regain Millennials.jpg
By João Duarte Albuquerque
How could Progressives regain the young vote? Not without a substantial critique of capitalism.
“Once they engage with politics, young people are more demanding than their elders”.jpg
By Anne Muxel
Winning back the young vote is not impossible for Progressives – but it's not an easy task either.
Why millennials aren't voting anymore, and what it means for progressives.jpg
By David Harley
Millennials often don't cast their votes and rarely support centre-left parties – how for Progressives to react?
women men.jpg
According to a new study by FEPS and ThinkYoung, Europe's Millennials value the EU and a strong social safety net.
Winning back citizens’ trust with ambitious messages.jpg
By Tuulia Pitkänen
The key for the Finish Social Democrats' success: ambitious policy production instead of oversimplification in communication.

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