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    In this nightmare vision of cats in revolt, fifteen-year-old Alex and his friends set out on a diabolical orgy of robbery, rape, torture and murder. Alex is jailed for his teenage delinquency and the State tries to reform him - but at what cost?

    Issue #22 Progressive Post

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The European Parliament has recently started to discuss the Nature Restoration Law, which aims to restore the EU's ecosystems. If and when adopted, this legislation will represent a welcomed step forward for the protection of the environment and the fight against climate change. But the way to recognise the importance of biodiversity not only as a good in itself but also for the very existence of humankind is still long and tortuous. It requires a paradigm change in the mostly utilitarian relation humans have with nature. This topic is at the core of the Special Coverage of this new issue of the Progressive Post, Nature and us: why biodiversity matters.

In the Focus Regulating AI: a technological as well as a political feat, we discuss the risks of unregulated artificial intelligence, the tools to protect workers and citizens and the importance of the AI Act, recently approved by the EP, the first-ever attempt to regulate AI globally. The first Dossier, dedicated to Migration: moving away from containment,explores the shortcomings of the EU's approach to migration and asylum management. Finally, in the Dossier Increasing social investment to fight Roma exclusion, the authors argue that the EU's current ethnically-focused Roma policy risks to backfire.

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The reform of the EU fiscal rules will dominate the Brussels agenda until the end of this year. The Commission proposal is a significant improvement compared to the original framework, but is not ambitious enough in terms of enabling the green and social transition. It does not have explicit room for green investment nor a link […]
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Ever since Chat GTP became mainstream, the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been hotly debated in the media, politics and academia. The call to regulate its development has been growing stronger, even from the leading developers of AI themselves. The fear that an unchecked arms race in AI development could wreak havoc on society is […]
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Today, the world celebrates the International Day for Biological Diversity. Humans need healthy and vibrant ecosystems for their own survival. They need food, water and clean air. But because of our destructive, utilitarian and exploitative attitude towards nature, we represent the biggest threat to biodiversity conservation. It is not just about preventing the extinction of some […]
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In the blatant absence of better ideas, and against the backdrop of irreconcilable interests, the approach of the European Union and its member states to migration and asylum is increasingly focusing on the externalisation of their management and on the returns of all those people who do not qualify for protection. This means asking the EU's […]
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Since 1990, for over 30 years now, every 8 April, International Roma Days come and go. But the poverty and inequality Roma communities suffer in Europe and beyond have barely changed. That is shown by the findings of a recent Roma survey of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights. And it is although Roma are subject […]

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Next Democracy
Two Turkeys and the opposition at a crossroads
The Turkish election results mean continuity in domestic and foreign policy with a tendency to more authoritarianism at home and an eastward-looking foreign policy. For the opposition, the cards are being reshuffled and it seems that for now, the time of more liberal experiments is over. The result of the second round in the presidential […]
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Next Economy
Clear head and nerves of steel – the dilemma of reforming our fiscal rules
As fears of a recession make fiscal policy ever more relevant, we need to discuss reforming economic governance rules. Many of the Commission’s good intentions fail to achieve what they set out, leaving us with a fiscal architecture that is pro-cyclical and unreliable, hindering the green and digital transitions and economic growth. After three years […]
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Next Environment
Our food production destroys biodiversity
The goals and targets agreed upon in a new ambitious international framework to restore global biodiversity will only be met if countries radically transform their agriculture and food production systems. The EU needs to be a leader in bringing food production and consumption back within planetary boundaries. The numbers are staggering: since 1900, an estimated […]
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Next Global
Lampedusa tragedy: 10 years later nothing has changed
I will never forget that day. The body bags lined the Favaloro quay without a break. I remember the moans of the survivors and the cries of those who had lost a loved one on the journey. The 3 October 2013 massacre off Lampedusa in which 368 people died is one of the most dramatic […]
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Next Left
Upcoming national elections in the Netherlands: the case for Social Democrats and Greens joining forces
This article was written with the valuable contribution and under the co-authorship of Ties Huis in ‘t Veld, the international secretary of the PvdA, whom the Progressive Post wishes to thank warmly. This November, snap elections are scheduled in the Netherlands. For these polls, the Dutch Social Democrats (PvdA) have decided to present a common list […]
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Next Social
Saving Europe’s social momentum
One year from now, European politics will be on the home straight to the elections for the European Parliament. Much of the time between now and then will be spent building election programmes and strategies. For the Socialist family, it is obvious to build all these around social questions. In principle, this should be easy, […]
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