Public housing, a creator of wealth.jpg
By Cédric Van Styvendael
Housing is too important to the lives of our citizens to leave it solely in the hands of the market
Social housing : the Vienna Model.jpg
By Michael Ludwig
International delegations have travelled to see Vienna to get to know its subsidised housing programme.
Tracking : Pupping the bubble.jpg
By Umberto Boschi
How to explore dissent and controversiality about the upcoming elections ?
Why millennials aren't voting anymore, and what it means for progressives.jpg
By David Harley
The few that do vote are seen as being easily swayed by the populist right. But is this the case?
What if we could reinvent the internet so that it serves the common good?.jpg
By Geert-Jan Bogaerts
A coalition in the Netherlands of about 20 parties, reaching about 5 to 7 million people, has joined forces to combat Silicon Valley capitalism and Chinese collectivism, in order to fix the internet and make it work for the common good. It is now expanding its network to a European level.   What if? – …

What if we could reinvent the internet so that it serves the common good? Read More »

Digitalisation is not the devil;JPG
By Anthony Gooch
Globalisation has been the whipping boy for all that is going wrong in these times of political uncertainty.
“The management of intellectual inequalities is the greatest challenge of the 21st century”.jpg
By Laurent Alexandre
AI : Its influence on the development of human potential is underestimated
Is free transport enough ambitious ?.jpg
By Maxime Huré
Although the environment is not the only cause, making public transport free is one of them.

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