A new generation pact for a sustainable and resilient European economy

Our economies and our European way of living are severely affected. But today there is a unique chance to rethink our ambitious objectives and to rebuild together a better economy based on renewed principles.
Empirical effects of direct democracy.jpg

Empirical effects of direct democracy

Direct democracy tools are neither panacea, nor a danger to democracy - but they do influence decision making.

Women’s and LGBTQ+ rights: authoritarian’s ugly face revealed during Covid19

Europeans need to fight two viruses, simultaneously and equally vehemently: the new coronavirus, and the political virus which is attacking our fundamental rights and our democracies.

It is time for the courage to show solidarity!

German SPD do not have a reputation for being particularly solidary or fair towards our neighbours. Now, they have a new chance to prove that reputation wrong.
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The Progressive Post #12

The Progressive Post is a progressive and European magazine in the form of a daily updated online version as well as a paper edition three times a year. It features articles and original interviews, with contributions from campaigners, academics and practitioners of politics.

In an era of profound upheaval, our ambition is to offer inspiring progressive reflections to a readership that joins us in hoping that a different and more just world is possible.

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