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Czech social democrats find themselves in a government trap.
By Filip Outrata
The disadvantageous government coalition with the pragmatic-populist ANO party (Renew Europe) led by Andrej Babiš is a threat not only to ČSSD but to the left as such.
Pedro Sanchez.jpg
By Javi López
The Iberian Peninsula is sending out a message of hope to the rest of the European continent.
"Citizens need to organise against the social media regime".jpg
By Vincent Mosco
Citizens' mobilisation and other alternatives to the powerful system of surveillance capitalism that Big Tech and governments have created.
Social Impacts of Transition.jpg
By Mitchell A Orenstein
In a number of countries, authoritarian nationalist governments have come to power, promising to right the perceived wrongs of the transition period.
Nuclear arms: saving the international rules-based system.jpg
By Kate Hudson
Defence of progressive values, legality, and respect for others: a priority for the new MEPs.
Direct democracy to empower parliamentarism and public discourse.jog
By Ralf-Uwe Beck
Only with direct democracy as a complement to representative democracy the government power will really come from the people.
aving nuclear disarmament in the time of Trump.jpg
By Adriano Iaria
President Trump’s decision to pull out of the INF Treaty dismantles the international system of nuclear disarmament, but a strong EU voice can still save it.
Hungarian democracy - from best in class to failing grade?.jpg
By Péter Niedermüller
Viktor Orbán's populist illiberal government creates and benefits massively from polarisation of the Hungarian society.
Greece: why is SYRIZA set to lose the election – the role of KINAL.jpg
By Panagiotis Ioakeimidis
The question however is: why is Syriza set to lose the elections? And why with such a large margin?

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