Month: May 2016

Millennial Dialogue

Engaging and creating a better understanding of the priorities and values of millennials   with the most comprehensive and far-reaching international survey of millennials ever taken… It is a well-known fact that journalistic diagnoses often depict young people as lazy, apathetic and politically disengaged. Generally, young people are also absent within the framework of institutionalized politics …

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The Left in Governement

May resonates in the history of the French Left (Front populaire, election of F. Mitterrand). In this context and the upcoming Presidential election in France in May 2017, FEPS with Jean Jaurès Foundation and Terra Nova organised a debate concluded by French President François Hollande. Speech from François Hollande (only available in French) Mesdames et Messieurs, Vous n’avez pas …

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Uncharted Territory: A Contested Republican Convention

The contemporary model for a party nominating convention in the United States is a celebration of the party’s presidential candidate and a singular moment of uncontested, prime time media exposure to communicate with a large audience of the American electorate. We have not witnessed an actual floor fight for the presidential nomination since the 1980 …

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The Year of the Anti-Establishment Insurgent

The anti-establishment campaigns of Sanders and Trump certainly share some common elements. Both Sanders and Trump describe a rigged political system that favors wealthy interests over average Americans. They appeal to an electorate that is deeply angry with the direction of the country and fed up with a government that seems incapable of doing anything …

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Race, Religion and other social issues in the 2016 campaign

Donald Trump has dominated this campaign since his announcement speech in which he labelled Mexican immigrants to the United States as criminals and rapists that were bringing drugs across the border. Since then he has repeatedly proposed banning all non-American Muslims from entering the United States as a response to terrorist attacks overseas and failed …

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The New Politics of Trade

Regardless of the ultimate outcome in November, there is no question that campaigns of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have altered the landscape of the political debate on trade. Two major trade deals hang in the balance, one with Asia and the other with Europe, both massive priorities for the Obama administration. The shakeup on …

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On the Campaign Trail

The most unpredictable of presidential campaigns took another unexpected turn when Ted Cruz and John Kasich quickly suspended their campaigns for the Republican nomination soon after Donald Trump won the Indiana primary on May 3rd. Donald Trump, who had also swept the five northeastern contests the week before Indiana voted, is now the presumptive Republican …

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Turning a crisis into an opportunity

One can not condemn the reaction of some European citizens to refugees, without attempting to understand them. Since 2008, we have lived in a long period of social, economic, and financial uncertainty, with youth unemployment rates higher sometimes than 50%. However, responding to these crises is not impossible. It involves strategic choices vis-à-vis the Mediterranean …

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Basic income: Feasible for the future

What is there in basic income that can trigger the suspicion of social democrats and what is there is in it that should prompt its enthusiasm?

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