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Millennial Dialogue

Engaging and creating a better understanding of the priorities and values of millennials   with the most comprehensive and far-reaching international survey of millennials ever taken… It is a well-known fact that journalistic diagnoses often depict young people as lazy, apathetic and politically disengaged. Generally, young people are also absent within the framework of institutionalized politics […]

The Left in Governement

May resonates in the history of the French Left (Front populaire, election of F. Mitterrand). In this context and the upcoming Presidential election in France in May 2017, FEPS with Jean Jaurès Foundation and Terra Nova organised a debate concluded by French President François Hollande. Speech from François Hollande (only available in French) Mesdames et Messieurs, Vous n’avez pas […]

Race, Religion and other social issues in the 2016 campaign

Donald Trump has dominated this campaign since his announcement speech in which he labelled Mexican immigrants to the United States as criminals and rapists that were bringing drugs across the border. Since then he has repeatedly proposed banning all non-American Muslims from entering the United States as a response to terrorist attacks overseas and failed […]