Month: September 2016

Trade requires rules

Globalisation is not a destiny to which we must yield without question. It can be shaped – in a social, democratic and sustainable way. Globalisation is an opportunity. We are aware of this especially in Sweden and Germany. As members of the EU, we take advantage of open borders, exchange and trade. Our prosperity and a large …

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On the Campaign Trail

How had Trump survive these mistakes that would have been fatal to any other campaign?

US Elections: The Post-Policy Campaign

Trump’s campaign is built on the slogan, Make America Great Again, but he has offered no details about how he would actually do it

The most ‘successful’ populist parties in government

In this analysis of Policy Solutions, the performance of the most popular populist parties in government was examined. During the first half of 2016, out of the four most popular governing populists two continued to increase their supports (Law and Justice in Poland and Fidesz in Hungary), meanwhile the other two lost supports and faced …

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State of populism in 2015: Annual report released

FEPS and Policy Solutions released its first report on the state of populism in Europe. The analysis clearly shows that 2015 can be definitely marked as a “breakthrough” for populist parties. They captured with significant support in the opinion polls of 26 of the 28 EU member states. In nine countries populist parties were involved …

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