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Self-employed workers in the gig economy

The most exciting development of our age is certainly digitalisation – the spread of digital technologies across all segments of society and the economy. This process will influence our way of living, thinking and working in various ways, and will challenge our European social model. Digitalisation and the connected transition to Industry 4.0 is – […]

Brexit becomes reality

For pro-Europeans in Britain the last six months have been devastating. For a while, after the 23rd June referendum, there was a feeling of disbelief and defiance. Tens of thousands took to the streets. We said Brexit would never happen. We waited in vain for opinion polls to show public regret. But slowly we have […]

Si vis pacem, para bellum?

In the context of an ever more dangerous geopolitical environment, a stronger and more binding European integration centred around the External Security and Defence Policy could improve Member States’ security. For that to happen, Member States must introduce tangible, qualitative steps to increase common decision-making and solidarity in their Common Security and Defence Policy. In […]

The Sorcerer and the Apprentice? Geert Wilders in the Wake of Trump’s Victory

Donald Trump’s shock victory in the US presidential elections has led to an explosion of media speculation about a “populist surge” around the globe with eyes focused specifically on European countries slated for national elections in 2017. While France and Germany attract most attention, for obvious reasons, the Netherlands deserves a special place because of […]