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Romania- the political crisis is over, but the real challenges are lying ahead

The Romanian parliamentary elections held in December 2016 were won massively by the Social Democratic Party (PSD, 45%), who also formed the Government in January 2017, next to the liberal-democrats from the Liberal Democratic Alliance (ALDE). Soon after the installment, the new government, led by Sorin Grindeanu, announced a set of generous socio-economic measures, such […]

Young and progressive: How the Portuguese left can maintain the support of millennial voters

In the days after Donald Trump’s shocking victory in late 2016, one image was widely shared on social media: a mostly blue map of what the result would have been if only 18 to 34 year-old voters had participated in the Presidential election. Although visually compelling, this isn’t surprising: millennials tend to be significantly more […]

Portugal: A historical political pact on the left

Since November 2015, Portugal has a left-wing government led by Prime Minister António Costa from the Socialist Party (PS) with the parliamentary support of three other left-wing political parties: the Communists (PCP), the Greens (PEV) and the radical left (Bloco de Esquerda- Left Block). This government reflects the results of the 2015 election, when the […]

Finnish Local Elections and the Health, Social Services and Regional Government Reform

Finnish local elections take place in the spring in an atmosphere of uncertainty. Public health and social services as well as education are traditional themes of municipal elections. The elections are only two months away and due to government reform plans it remains unknown whether the municipalities will be responsible for providing those services in […]

Three aspects could make Finland’s upcoming contest more interesting than usual

First, it has been almost two years since the last general elections of any form. The April elections will measure not just the local balance of power but the support the present centre-right government is enjoying among the electorate. The international trend has been that despite their sophisticated methods the pollsters have faced difficulties in […]