Month: April 2019

A new start? Why not! .jpg

A new start? Why not!

The European elections: focussing on historical left-wing values: social justice, solidarity, internationalism and sustainable development.

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Resisting surveillance

Surveillance Capitalism uses our data for generating revenues – but without our knowledge or control.

Elections under attack.jpg

Elections under attack

Russia’s ability to sway public opinion through social media needs to be tackled.

Populists are social media savvy.jpg

Populists are social media savvy

Through social media, populists style themselves as the truly modern parties – their opponents still rely on old-style politics.

Give people ownership!.jpg

Give people ownership!

Giving citizens a stake in the economy and the affairs of the state could rebuild trust with the centre-left.

Sharing the cake equally.jpg

Sharing the cake equally

Europe has made the cake bigger – now it’s time for sharing it equally.

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