Month: June 2019

Mueller’s report: why it’s not over.jpg

Mueller’s report: why it’s not over

The Mueller report didn’t find signs of collusion between Trump and the Russian government – but he’s not cleared either.

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Progressive Pod on new challenges for progressives

A podcast interview with Laurent Berger, the new president of ETUC, after EU Elections, on the most pressing issues of our time and the future of trade unions.

Tightening the knot.jpg

Tightening the knot

AI doesn’t kill democracy – yet. But it does affect core principles of democratic societies

Is free transport enough ambitious ?.jpg

Is free transport ambitious enough?

Against the backdrop of the fight against climate change, ambitious new mobility and transport policies have begun to appear. Making public transport free is one of them. Interview by Alain Bloëdt with the Maxime Huré.

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Resisting surveillance

Surveillance Capitalism uses our data for generating revenues – but without our knowledge or control.

Belgium: the far-right at the gates of power?.jpg

Belgium: the far-right at the gates of power?

Jérôme Jamin, professor of Political Science in Liège, analyses the development of Belgian political parties since the 1990s.

A comeback for the Danish Social Democrats?.jpg

A comeback for the Danish Social Democrats?

Will Mette Frederiksen pull off an election victory for the Danish Social democrats on June 5 and become Prime Minister?

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