Month: November 2019

Progressive Pod on Spain Elections

In a podcast itw, Beatriz Corredor, from Pablo Iglesias Foundation offers further explanations regarding Spanish election’s outcomes and prospects for PSOE and Pedro Sanchez

Jail sentence for talking about sex in Poland

How Poland is further drifting the ultraconservative way with its draft law on the criminalisation of sexuality education without support of the majority of the population

New Frontiers of Social Europe

A discussion on a Social Union is needed to avoid a further widening of the gap between the economic and social sides of the integration

New Spanish Elections, Old European Dilemmas

Spanish socialists may have a broader margin for political manoeuvre than the parliamentary geometry would initially suggest.

The Brexit (and more) election

if the Conservatives secure a majority of seats in the Commons, then Brexit will happen next year. If they don’t, then there will be a new referendum. But anything can happen.

Good news for Spanish Millennials

If the preliminary agreement announced by P. Sánchez and P. Iglesias is confirmed, Spain will have a progressive government. A good news both for Europe and the Spanish Millennials.

The Myth of a Progressive Trudeau

Now, more than ever, it’s time the myth of a progressive Trudeau was finally laid to rest.

Spain: in search of a new beginning

Vox has profited of the many crisis that remain open in the Spanish political system: clearly the territorial crisis, with Catalonia, but also the social and political crisis in which has transfigured the economic crash of 2008.

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