Month: January 2020

A conference for the Europe we need

The Conference on the Future of Europe is a unique opportunity to build the political and social Europe that we badly need.

Europe and Social Democracy: two linked projects

At a time of fragility for EU, the PSOE victories in the last 5 elections reminds how it is important to highlight the importance of a Social Democratic project

Spain needed a government

Due to the deliberate inaction of the conservatives and to the complex parliamentary arithmetic for the PSOE, the country’s great challenges have not been addressed for years.

A new government in Spain committed to a more progressive Europe

The election of P.Sánchez is a good news for the EU as the new coalition government is progressive, pro-European and has given priority to the green transition, the economy, equality, social welfare and the 2030 Agenda.

Dealing with English

The way the word deal has been used in the Brexit debate on the two sides of the English Channel has been a source of confusion rather than clarification.

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