Month: February 2020

Immigration: defending openness against isolationism

Migration has ceased to be a hot topic but taking a moment of respite at the EU’s Mediterranean borders for a sustainable response to the migration issue is a political mistake.

The antechambers of decisions in the EU

The Parliament will reject the multiannual financial framework unless there is an agreement on own resources, unless the necessary financial means are achieved.

General Election 2020 and Ireland’s new normal

The results of the Irish Election invite comparisons to a political earthquake, but a brief look at recent history tells a more multi-layered story.

EU minimum wage – why now?

Impossible just a few years ago, the search for an adequate EU role on incomes is linked to the effort to correct the economic governance mechanism and make the EPSR real

Italian stable instability: Fighting the waves

Weighing in the consequences of a defeat, one can better appreciate the fact that the Italian politics are just back to a “business as usual” mode, the so-called stable instability

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