Month: March 2020

COVID-19 and the Old Consensus

The most terrible health emergency since WWII will leave deep scars, on people, on the economy, but most of all on the intellectual myths on which the EU has been built.

From Enragement to Enlargement

The failure to move Albania and North-Macedonia into EU accession candidate is more complex than just blaming the reluctant group of wealthy member states.

Is globalisation doomed?

Reforming capitalism remains priority number one. It is urgent. Keeping dreaming of an alternative, and trying to devise it might help us getting there.

The future as alter-globalisation

The belief in the efficiency of free-trade globalisation is based on abstract microeconomic reasoning disconnected from our real world.

Gender pay gap: The venom is in the tail(s)

To address all cross-cutting pay inequalities,the Gender Equality Strategy should focus on decent wage floors, working time, the predictability of working time, and public procurement.

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