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The project of Marine Le Pen will lead to benefits for the better off

5 May, 2017

Although stigmatisation of foreigners has been the mainspring of the National Front since its foundation, the far-right party is now trying to present itself as “the voice of the people” and defender of the weak by investing in economic and […]

The German Extreme Right and the French Interpretation

9 February, 2017

In recent days, the German Constitutional Court refused to ban the NDP and the AfD from gathering at Koblenz as part of the European National Populist Convention. The historian Nicolas Lebourg, a member of the Foundation’s Research Centre on political […]

FEPS Post-Summit Briefing: European Council, 15 December 2016

21 December, 2016

A summary written by Catalin Dragomirescu-Gaina, Hedwig Giusto Lisa Kastner and Vassilis Ntousas. EU leaders met in Brussels last Thursday (December 15) for a year-end summit to discuss the crisis in Syria, economic sanctions on Russia, a trade deal with Ukraine […]

FEPS post summit briefing: European Council, 20-21 October 2016

27 October, 2016

  European leaders met in Brussels last week (20-21 October) to discuss the many challenges the European Union (EU) is facing today. The question of the continuing flows of migrants across the Mediterranean, the opposition from the Wallonia region of […]

Populism Report: July – September 2016

20 October, 2016

With the support of European populist parties at a standstill, this year’s general trend has continued during summer months too. However, their decelerating expansion across Europe is at best a neutral, and in no way a positive development. According to […]

Ones to Watch: Robert Biedroń

5 October, 2016

Robert Biedroń shakes up most stereotypes one would have about Poland and its politicians. He has been active in politics since the early 2000s.

New report on the state of populism in Q2 2016

26 September, 2016

The new analysis of Policy Solutions shows that in the second quarter of 2016 most of the populist parties in Europe still stand at the same level of support as in the previous quarter. Their popularity remained unchanged or modified […]

The most ‘successful’ populist parties in government

8 September, 2016

In this analysis of Policy Solutions, the performance of the most popular populist parties in government was examined. During the first half of 2016, out of the four most popular governing populists two continued to increase their supports (Law and […]

Populism in Q1 2016: new analysis on the Progressive Post

8 September, 2016

After a seemingly inexorable rise, the populist surge that has characterised most of Europe in the last years seems to have come to a standstill for now. As compared to the dynamic growth of many populists in 2015, the last […]

State of populism in 2015: Annual report released

8 September, 2016

FEPS and Policy Solutions released its first report on the state of populism in Europe. The analysis clearly shows that 2015 can be definitely marked as a “breakthrough” for populist parties. They captured with significant support in the opinion polls […]

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