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The EU and Belarus: doing less might be better

It is easy to call for EU action in crises at the borders of the bloc. And in the case of Belarus, these calls have been made again. But the European Union must acknowledge that the Belarusian case cannot be considered without thinking of Russia, and that in some crises it has little political weight. […]

The impact of Russia in national campaigns in the EU. Is the Bulgarian case an exception?

Russia is back. What appears as a smart combination of diplomatic skills, traditional military hard power and the massive deployment of cyber technology has brought Russia back to the centre stage of global politics. Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine and in Syria has created only limited diplomatic backlash. Moscow is still on relatively good terms […]

Ukraine: A mid-crisis assesment

The crisis in Ukraine is far from over. The country is chartering unknown and dangerous waters. Almost six months into the crisis, and after a series of important developments, several conclusions can be drawn concerning the three major actors: the Ukrainian government, the Putin leadership, and the European Union. Where is Ukraine going and what […]