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Ania Skrzypek

Senior Research Fellow

Fundation of European Progressive Studies (FEPS)
Dare to hope, Progressive Europe!.jpg

Dare to hope, Progressive Europe!

27 May, 2019

The country was portrayed as immensely divided, with many tensions, regarding separatists as well as an anti-democratic movement.

Believing in hopes that could be entrusted in us again…jpg

Believing in hopes that could be entrusted in us again…

22 January, 2019

The historical objective is to return to win the argument on how to shape
a better future for everyone.

Poland versus the EU – another battle done, while the struggle is still far from being over…

23 March, 2017

The last summit ended with observers shaking their heads with disbelief. It was the first time in history that a single government would reject the entire document summarising the conclusions of the Council. This lonely fighter, who left the scene […]

Politicising Europe: Transnational lists as a means of moving the debate from “if” to “which”

9 March, 2017

The 2014 European elections were undoubtedly ground-breaking. Their historical character was determined by the fact that all of the “traditional” European political families decided to diligently implement the provisions of the Lisbon Treaty. These enabled their European federations, the so-called […]

Analysis: The Future Starts Now! 3 Inspiring Lessons from the FEPS Millennial Dialogue

7 September, 2016

Progressives must show that they understand politics as a dialogue with the millennial generation.

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