Bartosz Rydlinski

Co-founder of Ignacy Daszynski Center, collaborator of Aleksander Kwasniewski’s Foundation “Amicus Europae”

Ignacy Daszynski Center

European solidarity – added value for the Polish judiciary independence

17 January, 2020

Without preparing its own political response, the Polish Left will not only fail to save the judiciary from the supremacy of the executive but will also fail to fulfil its role of representing disadvantaged groups in society

New Left at challenging times

20 December, 2019

The consolidation of New Left along with the designation of a progressive candidate in the race to the Presidential election are among the main chanllenges

The return from afterlife.jpg

The return from afterlife

18 October, 2019

Looking for a new political formula for the next four years, it will be easier for the Polish social democracy to address its proposals.

On equal distance in difficult times

17 March, 2017

Over the last year of the current government of Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (Eng. Law and Justice, PiS, European Conservatives and Reformists) in Poland we have witnessed many significant developments happening in the political arena. On one side the government of […]

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