Christian Deubner

Christian Deubner is a German political scientist and economist. A member of the FEPS Scientific Council, he is an expert in European integration and Franco-German relations. He also teaches the politics of the European Union at the Berlin campus of the New York University.

Si vis pacem, para bellum?

In the context of an ever more dangerous geopolitical environment, a stronger and more binding European integration centred around the External Security and Defence Policy could improve Member States’ security. For that to happen, Member States must introduce tangible, qualitative steps to increase common decision-making and solidarity in their Common Security and Defence Policy. In …

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Parliaments and the EMU: a crossroads for Europe?

Parliaments clearly have a significant role to play in the reformed governance of the European Monetary Union (EMU). However, that involvement is not without its dilemmas. The reformed governance of EMU has brought with it difficulties for parliaments that are ‘vertical’ and ‘horizontal’ in nature. The vertical challenge is that budgetary, fiscal and economic policies …

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