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Can we have a political debate on the Economic Union we want?

After several postponements, the European Commission put forward an orientation for a reform of the EU economic governance framework on 9 November. Now, hopefully, a real political discussion can take off. Since the global financial crisis in 2007, the sovereign debt crisis, the migration and climate emergency and the emergence of the EU Green Deal, […]

Changing the debt rule would miss the point

Already before the pandemic, it was clear that the economic governance framework of the European Union was unfit to drive long-term prosperity and that it was particularly ill-equipped to sustain the economy in times of recession. The point however is that moving towards a better post-pandemic economic framework is not only a matter of fixing […]

A first reaction to the Commission’s proposal on EMU Reform

In these last few months, there has a lack of discussion about the long-term objectives of the European Monetary Union. These objectives need to be agreed first. Monetary arrangements are tools that have to serve broader social and political objectives, like prosperity and balanced growth within the community. It is essential to understand that the […]