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Greece turns towards a predominant party system

The Greek election result of 25 June confirmed the trend first made visible in the earlier contest last May. Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his centre-right New Democracy (ND) Party has obtained a clear mandate and comfortable parliamentary majority to implement his policy programme. Over the last four years, Mitsotakis dominated Greek politics by combining a business-friendly […]

Redesigning the EU’s economic governance architecture

In her address to the European Parliament on the State of the European Union, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen talked about the need to “rediscover the spirit of Maastricht”. This is misguided, given that the old rules damaged both political integration and economic performance. New, bold proposals are needed to allow for genuine economic […]

Trumpism is here to stay

The 2020 election has now confirmed beyond doubt that Trump’s victory four years earlier was much more than an aberration, a mere rejection of the ‘Washington establishment’ and the result of Hillary Clinton’s inability to mobilise the Democratic base. Over the last four years, President Trump has been scolded for his style, his rhetoric and […]