Émeric Brehier

A bowling alley election

A great deal has already been said about this presidential election: a hold-up, an unforgettable election, a coconut-shy election, a populist election, a disaster for the so-called mainstream parties, the demonisation of the National Front … and many many more. In reality all of this can be said to be true. Though these terms are …

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Five lessons after the first round

Read the original text in French here Last Sunday did not disappoint with the first round of the presidential election in France. The election delivered on its promise. A Sunday of uppercuts and heavy blows unfolded before us. Consider this: 1- The National Front (FN) have qualified for the second round of a major election within …

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Divides within politics

To be effective, democracy requires a certain degree of political divide within the spectrum to allow all individuals amongst us to make a personal choice during the election. To deny that such a divide forms an integral part of the political landscape will lead to the creation of an impasse – not a political one, …

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An obstacle course until… 18th June

Read this article in French The successive trends amongst recent surveys have only served to confirm that the voter bases of the various candidates are continuing to solidify. Whilst the voter bases for the National Front candidate as well as the respective right and centre candidates were already relatively certain; following the debate one can …

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A coconut shy election

The French presidential election in reality began on Monday 20 March upon conclusion of the debate between the five leading candidates at the polls: Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron, François Fillon, Benoit Hamon and Jean-Luc Mélenchon. This was in any case the hope of many commentators, if not the participants themselves. Why? Essentially, this is …

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Terra incognita

Rarely has a presidential election so closely resembled a terra incognita before. It goes without saying that we must never yield to the temptation to rewrite history. The participants who have shaped the past, by their very testimonies have done so willingly. And let us not forget that political history is often a constant struggle …

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