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10points on migration.jpg

10 points of reference for a progressive narrative on migration

12 December, 2018

Behind the numbers there are men, women, children, all with their own unique feelings, experiences, fears, hopes, and stories

Prioritising People and Planet a New Agenda for Global Progress

5 March, 2018

Developing a compelling progressive agenda that rejects the fatalistic, neoliberal paradigm is the only way to forge a progressive future. The future can be better than the past.

Boosting the social policy rights of EU citizens is possible

6 February, 2018

The proclamation of European social rights at the Gothenburg summit of EU leaders in 2017, is a significant social policy milestone for the Union.

Political party : Dealing with Overly Talkative Aeroplane Seatmates.jpg

Dealing with Overly Talkative Aeroplane Seatmates

13 July, 2017

Serbian political scene needs “ideologisation” rather than “unification”.