Jo Leinen

Former Member of the European Parliament

The Spanish repetition of the COP15 in Copenhagen

20 December, 2019

The disaster of COP15 in Copenhagen repeated itself ten years . Egoistic national interests are still blocking the necessary consensus.

The new European Parliament: tackling the triple injustice of climate change.jpg

Climate Justice emergency also at COP25

6 December, 2019

Climate Justice : the poor should not have to pay the bill while the rich have the money to continue a wasteful lifestyle.

BRI : an assessment of EU-China relations.jpg

BRI : an assessment of EU-China relations

8 June, 2018

An interview of Jo Leinen about future cooperation between the EU and China.

European Democracy needs “Spitzenkandidaten” in the 2019 European Elections

5 October, 2016

Members of the European Parliament usually don’t vote according to their nationality, but according to the line of their respective political groups.

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