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László Andor

Secretary General


EU minimum wage – why now?

7 February, 2020

Impossible just a few years ago, the search for an adequate EU role on incomes is linked to the effort to correct the economic governance mechanism and make the EPSR real

Dealing with English

8 January, 2020

The way the word deal has been used in the Brexit debate on the two sides of the English Channel has been a source of confusion rather than clarification.

New Frontiers of Social Europe

22 November, 2019

A discussion on a Social Union is needed to avoid a further widening of the gap between the economic and social sides of the integration

Our great tech expectations.jpg

Our great tech expectations

31 October, 2019

There seems to be a new consensus on the effects of new technology (digitalisation, automation, robotisation etc.) on labour.

new Commission :Death of the Old, birth of the New.jpg

Death of the Old, birth of the New

17 October, 2019

Establishing a new European Commission is always a bumpy ride.

Out of the Doldrums.jpg

Out of the Doldrums

16 September, 2019

The 2019 European Parliament (EP) elections saw Social Democracy falling to a historic low.

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