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Maria João Rodrigues



EU budget: the level of European ambition is the real issue!

25 February, 2020

The last European Council’s negotiations on the next MFF for 2021-2028 were a big disappointment.

2020 EC Work Programme – A metamorphosis should not stop half way!

31 January, 2020

The first year of political decisions within the EU will be crucial to set the right direction and right level of ambition

From COP 25 to the European Green Deal: Can Europe break up the climate impasse?

19 December, 2019

When the outcomes of the COP25 were disappointing, despite a large mobilisation of citizens and NGOs, the European Green Deal was the best news.

New European Commission: Big Challenges, High Expectations

29 November, 2019

The new European Commission can open up opportunities for progressive forces to regain influence in a European direction.

The Rise of China and Global Governance

8 November, 2019

How should Europe deal with this in a progressive perspective? Defending our values and our social and political model but also pushing China to engage with multilateralism solutions for today’s global challenges

Strong socialist victory in Portugal.jpg

Strong socialist victory in Portugal

8 October, 2019

The Portuguese Socialists (PS), led by Antonio Costa, have achieved an outstanding victory giving them 106 of the Parliament’s 230 seats.

Climate and Clash in the UN General Assembly.jpg

Climate and Clash in the UN General Assembly

4 October, 2019

A clash of visions took place in the last General Assembly of the United Nations in New York. Not a clash between patriots and globalists, as Trump declared during his 35-minute speech in front of a tense and silent audience […]

PP12 EDITORIAL Maria Joao Rodrigues.jpg

Social, fiscal and climate justice: the right-left cleavage is still alive!

26 August, 2019

The European project can only have a future if it overcomes the status quo imposed by conservatives and neo-liberals and if it refuses to fall into the trap proposed by national-populists. Regaining control over our lives in a time of […]

Manufacturing Dissent? Fake-news, Micro-targeting and Democracy

18 February, 2019

We need new rules and changes on different fronts,

The Progressive Way in the Invention of the European Union.jpg

The Progressive Way in the Invention of the European Union

5 December, 2018

The new fight should now be for amplifying the scale of this Plan to build a low carbon economy and a society where digital innovation improves the quality of life of all European citizens.

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