Massimo D’Alema

Former Prime Minister of Italy

A European post-referendum “no” to authoritarianism

The 16th of April will be remembered as a momentous date in Turkey’s modern history. The result of the referendum vote essentially establishes a one-man rule and diminishes the rule of law, marking a dangerous turning point in the country’s democratic tradition. Yet, for a vote that can prove so consequential for the country and …

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A united Europe in a turbulent world

The boundary between external and internal security has disappeared. It is inconceivable to fight terrorism in Europe whilst turning a blind eye to the actions of the Islamic State in the Middle East and thereby failing to tackle the organisation’s roots, funding and support. Security is therefore, or should be, a common space on which …

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Keep Calm and Rewrite the Rules of the European Union

The negative result of the UK-EU Referendum is the biggest signal for leaders to develop enhanced cooperation along with institutional reform. It means tangible reforms for citizens who consider the Europe Union as their present and future. Brexit is currently the most tangible sign of the European crisis in Europe. But we know that this …

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Millennial Dialogue

Engaging and creating a better understanding of the priorities and values of millennials   with the most comprehensive and far-reaching international survey of millennials ever taken… It is a well-known fact that journalistic diagnoses often depict young people as lazy, apathetic and politically disengaged. Generally, young people are also absent within the framework of institutionalized politics …

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Turning a crisis into an opportunity

One can not condemn the reaction of some European citizens to refugees, without attempting to understand them. Since 2008, we have lived in a long period of social, economic, and financial uncertainty, with youth unemployment rates higher sometimes than 50%. However, responding to these crises is not impossible. It involves strategic choices vis-à-vis the Mediterranean …

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Climate and EU-UK referendum, appeal for leadership in Europe

Appeal for action – Last chance for a real deal to address the defining challenge of our century. It is significant progress that 146 countries, covering almost 87% of global emissions have submitted their reduction plans ahead of the climate summit in December. However this will still not be enough to cap global warming to …

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Beyond Incomes – Social Inequalities

The North Atlantic financial crisis and the severe economic slowdown which is afflicting several parts of the world has reignited the debate on the negative consequences of rising inequalities of income and wealth. Several well-renowned economists such as Thomas Piketty have well documented how the growth in income and wealth inequality has risen quite sharply …

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An Unprecedented Humanitarian Crisis

Both the UNHCR and Amnesty international have deplored the thousands of deaths of people desperately trying to escape war and poverty (it is estimated that about 2,500 people have died since the beginning of 2014). As this figure shows, we are facing an enormous tragedy that concerns us all. The Right has tried to exploit …

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