Nebil İlseven

Nebil Ilseven is the Chairman of the Progressive Thought Institute, a progressive platform of policy oriented seminars, workshops, research and publishing in Turkey. He has served in top management positions in private sector and also teaching graduate level courses in various institutions of higher learning in Istanbul as Assistant Professor of Finance and Banking.

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Reflections on the June 2018 Turkish Elections

Today, any analyses and futuristic foresights on Turkish politics must take into account a whole set of a) new political structures.

Post Referendum Turkey: is 51 bigger than 49?

The day arrived and Turkey finally had its long-awaited referendum on April 16. The vote-count indicates a slim margin in favour of the constitutional changes as public protests continue in defiance of the outcome amid the peculiar legal interpretations of the judiciary regarding the governing rules of voting. In this referendum, 18 constitutional amendments were …

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