Paolo Guerrieri

Professor of Economics

University of Rome Sapienza

Why Italian Election Matter: a Populist Shock

9 March, 2018

The large victory of the populist 5 Star Movement in the March 4 Italian elections is a watershed event in Italian politics.

‘Dynamic Resilience’ needed in euro-area governance redesign

13 February, 2018

The eurozone needs ‘dynamic resilience’, explains Paulo Guerrieri.

Efficiency and equity Implications for a new pattern of European integration.jpg

Efficiency and equity: Implications for a new pattern of European integration

4 July, 2017

We need some form of deeper Eurozone integration, to mutualise and share risks.

Higher growth, equity and solidarity to relaunch the European project

5 April, 2017

This text is based on thoughts presented by Paolo Guerrieri at the FEPS conference “Looking for a different Europe. Reflections and perspectives” on 21st March 2017    Growth, equity and solidarity should be the three pillars on which to build the […]

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