Victor Negrescu

Vice-president of the Education and Culture Committee of the European Parliament, former EU Affairs Minister of Romania and university lecturer Victor Negrescu is also a lecturer at the National School of Political and Administrative Studies and at the Dimitrie Cantemir University.

Towards a European Education Union

The future of Europe depends on how decision-makers manage to raise the profile of educational policies in the design of their recovery plans. The Covid-19 crisis has shown the weaknesses of our education systems and the growing need for a common European response, designed to prepare our societies for future challenges. A European Education Area …

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Electoral hold-up in Romania

Romania’s Social Democratic Party (PSD) won the recent Romanian legislative elections, with around 30 percent of the votes and more than 34 percent of the seats in Parliament. Despite these results and the huge negative impact of the pandemic on Romania, we now have a political blockage. The conservative President, Klaus Iohannis, refuses to recognise …

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Towards a restart of Romanian social democracy

Isolated, unable to convince its traditional voters, PSD Romania must start rebuilding by learning from its mistakes and listening to its members.

The social democratic party made romanians vote pro-european

The results of the European elections in Romania confirmed the fact that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) is the strongest political party in the country. With 37.6% of the votes, the Romanian PSD confirms the fact that it is regarded as the best fitted party to represent Romanians in the European Parliament. A test for …

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