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Give people ownership!.jpg

Give people ownership!

By Sean Kippin / 21 April, 2019

Recent elections and the rise of populism show that the centre-left is losing ground. A ‘politics of ownership’, which gives power to citizens by involving them in the economy and in the affairs of the state, may provide a means of answering this difficult set of challenges. European Social Democracy...

Armenia: a new opportunity for European Progressives.jpg

Armenia: a new opportunity for European Progressives

By Marina Ohanjanyan / 20 April, 2019

Armenia has been in Europe’s blind spot for many years. Last year’s “Velvet Revolution” however presents an exciting new opportunity to bring the country into Europe’s focus again. A previous tabu topics like women’s representation and LGBT rights are being discussed in parliament, there’s hope for Progressives too. Speaking bluntly,...

Nagorno-Karabakh: nationalist politics at geo-political cross-roads.jpg

Nagorno-Karabakh: nationalist politics at geo-political cross-roads

By Philip Gamaghelyan / 19 April, 2019

For decades, those affected by the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict have been a hostage of geopolitics and own nationalist discourses. Recently, both the ‘Velvet Revolution’ in Armenia, which resulted in the election of a legitimate government, and the de-escalation approach pursued by Azerbaijan created an opening. This opening has the potential to...

Reforms in Armenia: the challenges ahead

By Armen Grigoryan / 18 April, 2019

Formed in the aftermath of the revolution in early 2018, the current Armenian cabinet enjoys a high level of public approval. However, a series of political and economic factors constitute potential impediments for the economic reform and development possibilities. Internal weakness, micromanagement and dependence on Russia are amongst them. Prime...

European organic agriculture: future challenges.jpg

European organic agriculture: future challenges

By Isobel Tomlinson / 18 April, 2019

Organic agriculture in Europe is an economic success story. Organic farming offers a real response to the catastrophic decline in wildlife resulting from intensive industrial farming practices. However, challenges remain, and innovation is needed. The European organic movement with the support of the EU needs to rise to the challenge...

War in Libya: the battle for Tripoli and Europe’s responsibility.jpg

War in Libya: the battle for Tripoli and Europe’s responsibility

By Vassilis Ntousas / 17 April, 2019

General Khalifa Haftar’s push to seize Tripoli by force brings Libya to the brink of war again. The EU needs to get its act together and use its undeniable leverage in the country to prevent a full-blown war and set the bases for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. Since...

Organic agriculture: environmental public goods in Europe.jpg

Organic agriculture: environmental public goods in Europe

By Nicola Love / 17 April, 2019

Scientific evidence supports the positive effects of organic farming on the environment, including enhancing biodiversity, mitigating climate change and improving water quality. Europeans are some of the biggest consumers of organic produce, and the EU is a global leader in developing regulations and policies for organic farming. It is officially...

“Once they engage with politics, young people are more demanding than their elders”.jpg

“Once they engage with politics, young people are more demanding than their elders”

By Anne Muxel / 15 April, 2019

Anne Muxel discusses how the Left could win back the young vote in the campaign for the European elections but warns that gaining Millennials’ political trust might be difficult. Progressive Post: We tend to assume that young people will vote for left-wing candidates. The figures, however, show that this is...

women men.jpg

Europe’s Millennials want more social protection

By FEPS / 13 April, 2019

Millennials want the European Union to do much more to support social welfare policies like minimum wages, according to the new Millennial Dialogue study by FEPS and ThinkYoung. In the context of the run-up to the European Parliament elections, the Millennial Dialogue survey clearly indicates that young people favour progressive...

Brexit and Trump – involuntary boosts for a common EU defence?.jpg

Brexit and Trump – involuntary boosts for a common EU defence?

By Ronja Kempin / 12 April, 2019

The idea of ‘strategic autonomy’ has resurfaced in various policy debates with added impetus by the challenges posed by Brexit and Trump. What does this rise in significance mean for the EU? And what direction can the concept give for the Union in the coming years, especially in relation to...

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