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Dealing with English

By László Andor / 8 January, 2020

2020 will be a year of two deals. One between the European Union and the United Kingdom, and the other one is the Green Deal of the EU itself. These two deals could not be more different in nature. What connects them is some serious confusion stemming from the various...

Electoral contagion: the UK coughs and Ireland sneezes

By David Kitching / 20 December, 2019

British and Irish politics have been intertwined for centuries, a fact that Irish political observers have never been able to forget. Such is the case with the saga of Brexit. However, if Irish must now accept Brexit as inevitable, there are a few fundamental protections that cannot be undone. It...

The Brexit (and more) election

By Richard Corbett / 15 November, 2019

The UK is plunged into a December election for the first time since 1923, and the dominant issue is, of course, Brexit. Not that an election can ever be fought on one issue – and there is no shortage of other matters that feature in the campaign, from the state...


Brexit: Are UK politicians listening to younger people?

By Caroline Macfarland / 18 June, 2018

The UK referendum on the EU in 2016, narrowly won by the ‘Leave’ side (52% to 48%), has resulted in much discussion about a divided nation. Caroline Macfarland sets out her vision of what a better public dialogue could look like and how it could capture the interests of younger...

Analysing UK-EU trade relations in the context of Brexit

By Sandra Parthie / 5 February, 2018

There has been an idea doing the rounds in the UK (which is now on its last legs) that German industry will ensure, via Chancellor Angela Merkel’s clout in EU decision making, favourable Brexit conditions for the UK. But this argument doesn’t hold water partly because it is not unclear...

Brexit EU and UK citizens’ rights.jpg

Brexit: EU and UK citizens’ rights

By Jonathan Portes / 8 December, 2017

The British government has come up with proposals to safeguard the rights of UK citizens in EU countries and of EU citizens in the UK after Brexit. However, leading lights from the European Union have criticised the proposals for lacking clarity and have many concerns, including that they may lead...

Immigration : Europeans Not Wanted in Britain – The Ugly Side of Brexit.jpg

Europeans Not Wanted in Britain – The Ugly Side of Brexit

By Denis MacShane / 8 December, 2017

While most focus in the UK-EU Brexit negotiations has been on the money that the UK has to pay in order to meet all its obligations as part of the divorce, there is still no clarity on the rights of European Union citizens to live, work, marry, form partnerships, bring up...

Transparency in the EU, post-Brexit

By Emily O’Reilly / 5 October, 2016

My original commentary on transparency has been blown off course – like so many things – by the UK’s vote to leave the European Union on 23 June. The dust from the referendum will take many years to settle.   From an Ombudsman’s perspective, however, one conclusion can already be...

Reflections on Brexit – Implications for the Future of Europe.jpg

Reflections on Brexit – Implications for the Future of Europe

By Jernej Pikalo / 6 September, 2016

The outcome of the UK vote on its membership of the European Union is sobering and worrying at the same time. It took many by surprise. It confirmed the potency of populist national politics on the one hand and, on the other hand, it highlighted the inability of the European...

Brexit and a Divided Country

By Uta Staiger / 6 September, 2016

There are plenty of lessons to take away from the UK’s vote to leave the European Union. Some of them make for uncomfortable reading. But they must not be ignored – for both the UK and the EU’s sake.   The UK’s vote to leave the European Union has stunned...

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