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Socialist values and the EU

By Péter Balázs / 24 December, 2017

The greatest challenges of our age from a European perspective are specified and listed by the European Union or defined by its member countries in the EU context.

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Fighting fake news should be a priority as it poses an existential threat to the EU

By Paolo Celot / 18 December, 2017

Interview by Alain Bloëdt with Paolo Cela on how media literacy can help the public identify it and on what EU governments should be doing about it .

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How will Germany’s new law combat fake news and hate crime?

By Heiko Maas / 18 December, 2017

How will Germany’s new law combat fake news and hate crime?

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After the tertiary sector, the middle class confronted with the digital sector

By Daniel Cohen / 9 November, 2017

Is it a threat for Social Europe and more specially labour? An interview by Alain Bloëdt with Daniel Cohen

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The internet and the second era of democracy

By Don Tapscott / 12 January, 2017

To restore legitimacy and trust we need a second era of democracy.

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Youth and Right Wing Populism in Europe – a Perspective from Lower Saxony

By Birgit Honé / 5 October, 2016

The aim was to analyse this current political trend and to find answers on how to jointly stop this dangerous evolution.

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Youth : Restoring Confidence in Politics.jpg

Restoring Confidence in Politics

By Anne Muxel / 5 October, 2016

Youth are the first group affected by the lack of access to the labour market.

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European Democracy needs “Spitzenkandidaten” in the 2019 European Elections

By Jo Leinen / 5 October, 2016

Members of the European Parliament usually don’t vote according to their nationality, but according to the line of their respective political groups.

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Ones to Watch: Robert Biedroń

By admin / 5 October, 2016

Robert Biedroń shakes up most stereotypes one would have about Poland and its politicians. He has been active in politics since the early 2000s.

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Analysis: The Future Starts Now! 3 Inspiring Lessons from the FEPS Millennial Dialogue

By Ania Skrzypek / 7 September, 2016

Progressives must show that they understand politics as a dialogue with the millennial generation.

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