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A new generation pact for a sustainable and resilient European economy

By Nuno Almeida Eça / 29 May, 2020

Our economies and our European way of living are severely affected. But today there is a unique chance to rethink our ambitious objectives and to rebuild together a better economy based on renewed principles.

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We can’t return to normal because the past normal was precisely the problem

By Nancy Yuk / 29 May, 2020

The EU should not and cannot afford to forget what Ursula von der Leyen called EU’s “man on the moon” moment back then.

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Can the EU’s recovery plan also succeed in advancing green goals?

By Iain Begg / 29 May, 2020

Two themes will dominate EU policymaking over the next few years: the medium and longer term ‘green deal’ and the much more immediate imperative of an effective response to the Covid-19 economic crisis.

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Does Europe care about care?

By Barbara Helfferich / 8 May, 2020

The EU’s new gender strategy finally puts care work more solidly at the centre of our economic activity

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Debt monetisation for the emergency, EU bonds for the recovery

By Alberto Botta / 27 April, 2020

A strategy to fight the COVID-19 emergency and to relaunch the European economy

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What is at stake is… well, everything!

By Shahin Vallee / 27 April, 2020

Financial solidarity within the EMU with strong conditionality is unsustainable, dangerous and incompatible with progressive values.

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The reconstruction of the European economy after the Corona pandemic

By Gerhard Stahl / 12 April, 2020

Despite a first important step, EU governments should be more courageous and develop new EU financial instruments and new concepts.

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Only a ‘New Deal’ can rescue the European project!

By Maria João Rodrigues / 7 April, 2020

This bold and ambitious EU plan must open a new era of coordination and solidarity in the history of European integration.

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Why Ireland’s low tax policy has survived for so long.jpg

Why Ireland’s low tax policy has survived for so long

By David Jacobson / 2 December, 2019

Since the late 1950s, Irish governments support foreign investment, and the utilisation of tax and other means in the pursuit of this policy

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Reforming tax policy: a European fight!

Reforming tax policy: a European fight!

By Joseph Stiglitz / 2 December, 2019

Smart taxation: making the economy more social and environment-friendly, and ensuring compatibility with the EU single market.

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