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Immigration: defending openness against isolationism

By Philippe Fargues / 21 February, 2020

Migration has ceased to be a hot topic. Now that the crisis is over, the European Union (EU) is devoting only limited space to it. In the Commission’s 2020 Work programme, “A Union that strives for more“, there are two brief mentions of migration: one to welcome the progress made...

Defending borders does not require closed doors but corridors

By Paolo Morozzo della Rocca / 17 December, 2019

The legality of immigration and markets is not achieved through rigid policies but by offering sufficient channels of legal entry as an alternative to the criminal market of people-trafficking; by recognising the freedom of movement of immigrants already legally residing in an EU member state; and by adopting selective policies...

The future of the Left: how to cross the ten ‘plus something’ percent

By Michal Sutowski / 18 October, 2019

With MPs such as: Gdula, Zawisza, Czarzasty, Zandberg, Dziemianowicz-Bak, Gill-Piatek, Konieczny and Scheuring-Wielgus – the Left in the Sejm has the best ever composed delegation that crosscuts between young and middle-aged population. It is certainly the most outstanding in the span of one and a half decades, or even, it...

Europe must stand up for its core security interests.jpg

Europe must stand up for its core security interests

By Leo Hoffmann-Axthelm / 27 September, 2019

Amid escalating nuclear rhetoric, the Iran Deal and INF-Treaty have collapsed – and the New START treaty is set to expire next year. The current US policy on nuclear weapons is a provocation to EU security interests: it is time for multilateral approaches to disarmament and arms control. The EU...

The EU and lifting the shadow of nuclear proliferation.jpg

The EU and lifting the shadow of nuclear proliferation

By Glyn Ford / 26 September, 2019

The threat of nuclear proliferation around the globe today is greater than it has been for at least  a quarter of a century. Two of the main sources of contagion are in Tehran and Pyongyang, but both cases are products of the wider political environment rather than consequences of domestic...

Nuclear arms: saving the international rules-based system.jpg

Nuclear arms: saving the international rules-based system

By Kate Hudson / 30 July, 2019

Since Donald Trump entered the White House, there have been sustained attacks on the treaty architecture that underpins the international rules-based system that most countries struggle to uphold and extend. This is particularly marked in terms of arms reduction and disarmament. These processes haven’t just stalled – they have actually...

aving nuclear disarmament in the time of Trump.jpg

Saving nuclear disarmament in the time of Trump

By Adriano Iaria / 30 July, 2019

The threat of the use of nuclear weapons is a concern for mankind, not just for the few States with nuclear capacities. Therefore, multilateral forums remain the most prominent places to address fears and hopes of humanity. President Trump’s decision to pull out of the INF Treaty dismantles the international...

Arms controls: the EP's fight to convince Member State to respect their own commitments.jpg

Arms controls: the EP’s fight to convince Member State to respect their own commitments

By Brando Benifei / 15 July, 2019

The European Parliament has been very vocal on arms export control throughout the outgoing legislative term. The main aim was to remind Member States of a commitment they made with the EU Council’s 2008 Common Position on Arms Export. Continuing the fight must be a priority for the new incoming...

The SPD approach to arms exports: value-driven and pragmatic.jpg

The SPD approach to arms exports: value-driven and pragmatic

By Nils Schmid / 15 July, 2019

In March 2019, the German government decided to extend its ban on selling weapons to Saudi Arabia for another six months. This was a huge success on the part of the German Social Democrats who pushed for the extension. It was also the right thing to do in light of...

The European foreign policy in a hostile environment.jpg

The European foreign policy in a hostile environment

By Rosa Balfour / 9 July, 2019

In a brittle world without enduring strong international alliances, the debate on Europe’s ‘strategic autonomy’ has gained new resonance, but it should not shadow the EU’s unique key international assets in the global economy and multilateral order. Working with global networks to promote norms and public goods is key to...

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