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The EU minimum wage initiative in times of COVID-19 crisis

By Sacha Garben / 8 May, 2020

A few months ago, the new European Commission boldly announced its plans to deliver an EU minimum wage legal measure within its first 100 days in office. The COVID-19 crisis is likely to affect not only the schedule of this high-profile initiative, but the very political appetite for it.

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Does Europe care about care?

By Barbara Helfferich / 8 May, 2020

The EU’s new gender strategy finally puts care work more solidly at the centre of our economic activity

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Squaring the circle with an EU action on minimum wages is more urgent than ever

By Amandine Crespy / 6 May, 2020

If a consensus could be found on bailing out indebted countries and extend the intervention scope the ECB, why not on tackling poverty through minimum wages?

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Health, inequality and democracy in the light of the Corona crisis

By Gabor Scheiring / 23 April, 2020

Europe’s conservative elites need to realise that they have to safeguard democratic quality with at least the same vehemence with which they were willing to enforce austerity after 2008.

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Highway to Health?

By Agnieszka Januszczyk / 20 April, 2020

Freedom of movement, as it currently operates in the healthcare sector, undermines the EU’s social cohesion objectives.

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The coronavirus crisis exposes the systemic exploitation between the EU’s West and East

By Elena Zacharenko / 20 April, 2020

The coronavirus crisis starkly highlights the true value of care work, its gendered and regionalised nature, and the scarcity of its supply in an economy which fails to recognise these factors.

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Time to Abolish Dogma of Member State Competence!

By István Ujhelyi / 20 April, 2020

There is a need for a ‘European Minimum Healthcare Service’ which sets out the minimum service to be provided in each Member State.

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Gender pay gap: The venom is in the tail(s)

By Janna Besamusca / 6 March, 2020

To address all cross-cutting pay inequalities,the Gender Equality Strategy should focus on decent wage floors, working time, the predictability of working time, and public procurement.

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Time for Pay Transparency

By Esther Lynch / 6 March, 2020

A Gender Pay Transparency Directive could be a game changer that pushes forward to achieve pay equality.

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“We are calling for a new and ambitious strategy for women’s rights and gender equality in Europe”

By Maria Noichl / 4 March, 2020

Interview with Maria Noichl, SPD MEP and rapporteur in the European Parliament for the Gender Equality Strategy

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