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Brexit and a Divided Country

By Uta Staiger / 6 September, 2016

There are plenty of lessons to take away from the UK’s vote to leave the European Union. Some of them make for uncomfortable reading. But they must not be ignored – for both the UK and the EU’s sake.   The UK’s vote to leave the European Union has stunned...

Opportunities for Reforming EU Common Security and Defence.jpg

Opportunities for Reforming EU Common Security and Defence

By Arne Lietz / 6 September, 2016

At first sight, it seems obvious that the EU would be weakened as an international player as the result of “Brexit”. Great Britain is a key player in EU foreign policy thanks to its size, economic performance, and military strength. It has also positively served as transatlantic bridge between North...

Brexit will not be the end of the European Project, but European leaders must understand its message

Brexit will not be the end of the European Project, but European leaders must understand its message

By Victor Negrescu / 6 September, 2016

The moment when the last ballots cast were counted and revealed that the “Leave” camp in the British referendum had won the day is still a vivid recollection. Not only because few had dared to actually consider the direct institutional, political, economic and sentimental repercussions of this divide. In an...

France and the Brexit: in search of leadership

By Amandine Crespy / 6 September, 2016

For France, and its President, dealing with the Brexit is a high risk, high opportunity game. A main objective widely shared across the French political class is to regain a leadership which has been continuously declining over the past decade. Resisting the nationalist tide A major source of concern in...

The Need for a Basic Income Policy in Europe

By Lorenza Antonucci / 28 June, 2016

The idea of basic income, once tepidly welcomed in social-democratic circles, is now gaining momentum in Europe. A basic income consists in an unconditional and universal form of social assistance. Even venture capitalists (e.g. Y Combinator) are considering creating market-based basic income measures. This private version of a basic income...

Gender equality votes in the European Parliament

By Doru Frantescu / 6 June, 2016

A narrow left-leaning majority in the European Parliament says the Commission has watered down the promotion of gender equality by only publishing a working paper instead of a full strategy for the years 2016-2020. The centre-left coalition passed the resolution calling for a complete strategy on gender equality in early...

Social democracy in Poland: Past, present, future

By Jacek Zakowski / 20 May, 2016

Does the Polish Centre-Left have a chance in a state that is governed by PiS? Exclusively and absolutely! If it is to be established. The opportunity is now perhaps greater for the progressives that is has ever been for the last quarter of the century. There is a very simple...


Basic income: Feasible for the future

By Philippe Van Parijs / 20 May, 2016

The idea of an unconditional basic income is in fashion. From Finland to Switzerland, from San Francisco to Seoul, people talk about it as they have never done. Twice before, basic income was the object of a real public debate, albeit briefly and limited to one country at a time....

The need for a european unemployment insurance

By Sebastian Dullien / 20 May, 2016

In this issue, former EU Commissioner László Andor has once again made a powerful plea for the introduction of a European unemployment insurance to stabilize the euro as Europe’s single currency and to provide the European Union with a fresh social impetus. Yet despite him having pushed the argument now...

European unemployment: Addressing concerns

By László Andor / 20 May, 2016

Since 2012, when the reform of the EMU began, the possibility of and need for unemployment insurance within the Eurozone has been frequently discussed. The Five Presidents’ Report, which explains so clearly the problem of divergence, provides another opportunity to have a serious debate on this instrument, potentially opening the...

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