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Race, Religion and other social issues in the 2016 campaign

By Ken Gude / 24 May, 2016

Donald Trump has dominated this campaign since his announcement speech in which he labelled Mexican immigrants to the United States as criminals and rapists that were bringing drugs across the border. Since then he has repeatedly proposed banning all non-American Muslims from entering the United States as a response to...

The New Politics of Trade

By Ken Gude / 24 May, 2016

Regardless of the ultimate outcome in November, there is no question that campaigns of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have altered the landscape of the political debate on trade. Two major trade deals hang in the balance, one with Asia and the other with Europe, both massive priorities for the...

On the Campaign Trail

By Ken Gude / 23 May, 2016

The most unpredictable of presidential campaigns took another unexpected turn when Ted Cruz and John Kasich quickly suspended their campaigns for the Republican nomination soon after Donald Trump won the Indiana primary on May 3rd. Donald Trump, who had also swept the five northeastern contests the week before Indiana voted,...

On The Campaign Trail

By Ken Gude / 25 April, 2016

Tuesday’s New York primary produced big wins for the two frontrunners, ending what had been both Republican Donald Trump’s and Democrat Hillary Clinton’s worst stretches of the campaign so far. Trump had suffered defeats at the polls and appeared helpless as his principle rival, Sen. Ted Cruz, used his superior...

On the Campaign Trail

By Ken Gude / 1 April, 2016

For those who believed the election of President Barack Obama heralded the dawn of a post-racial era in American politics, the 2016 campaign cycle has been an unwelcome jolt with race playing a large role in the primary campaigns in both parties. Outside of the presidential campaign, massively important fights...

On the Campaign Trail: State of the Race After Super Tuesday

By Ken Gude / 3 March, 2016

With the dust still settling from Super Tuesday, it is clear that there has never been a primary season like this. Having open primaries in both parties that did not feature a sitting Vice President is exceedingly rare, with the only other occurrence coming in 2008. Add in strong anti-establishment...

Setting the scene: The U.S. Presidential Election After Iowa and New Hampshire

By Ken Gude / 12 February, 2016

Setting the scene: The U.S. Presidential Election After Iowa and New Hampshire The 2016 presidential primary campaigns in both parties have been the most unpredictable of recent memory. Among Republicans, Donald Trump has dominated the race while establishment figures failed to gain any sustainable traction and first term Senator Ted...

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