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The Digital Age: A Progressive Future of Work.jpg

The Digital Age: A Progressive Future of Work

By Florian Ranft / 26 February, 2019

Shaping the future of work in the digital age for the benefit of society is a key task for Progressives. The challenges surrounding the fourth industrial revolution are an impetus to think comparatively, put forward an inclusive narrative, and develop a holistic policy reform agenda.   Over the past century,...

Social housing : the Vienna Model.jpg

Social housing : the Vienna Model

By Michael Ludwig / 14 February, 2019

Numerous international delegations have travelled to see Vienna in the past couple of years to get to know its subsidised housing programme. Almost as often, the city has been invited to present the ‘Vienna Model’ abroad. Most of the topics broached focus on the overriding question: ‘How is Vienna doing...

Tracking : Pupping the bubble.jpg

Popping the Bubble

By Umberto Boschi / 13 February, 2019

How to explore dissent and controversiality about the upcoming elections or why and how we should build a glass house for Facebook. Facebook Tracking Exposed is among the projects that provide tools to test your own filter bubble, to compare how the same topic has been perceived differently by others...

What if we could reinvent the internet so that it serves the common good?.jpg

What if we could reinvent the internet so that it serves the common good?

By Geert-Jan Bogaerts / 11 February, 2019

A coalition in the Netherlands of about 20 parties, reaching about 5 to 7 million people, has joined forces to combat Silicon Valley capitalism and Chinese collectivism, in order to fix the internet and make it work for the common good. It is now expanding its network to a European...

Digitalisation is not the devil;JPG

Digitalisation is not the devil

By Anthony Gooch / 5 February, 2019

Globalisation has been the whipping boy for all that is going wrong in these times of political uncertainty. In Europe and beyond, too many people feel that greater economic openness and interconnectedness has cost them a lot and brought few rewards. They feel unheard, do not know where to look...

“The management of intellectual inequalities is the greatest challenge of the 21st century”.jpg

“The management of intellectual inequalities is the greatest challenge of the 21st century”

By Laurent Alexandre / 4 February, 2019

Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of the digital revolution. Will it help to reduce inequalities? Its influence on the development of human potential is underestimated as are its very real impacts on education and health.   The Progressive Post: Will the digital revolution reduce or increase inequalities? Laurent Alexandre:...

Automation: A gradual process.jpg

Automation of the work will not happen overnight

By David Hémous / 29 January, 2019

Contrary to popular belief, the automation of work and everyday tasks will not happen overnight. It will be a gradual process over time. It is important to channel this change.   The Progressive Post: Are we really experiencing a technological revolution? David Hemous: Automation is happening, but it’s a gradual...

“We need to restructure the distribution of income”.jpg

Are we moving towards a working poor society?

By Philippe Van Parijs / 28 January, 2019

The technological revolution, a factor in the disappearance of jobs – this is an idea which is increasingly propounded, and yet Philippe Van Parijs is unconvinced. In an interview he explains the need for a universal income to go alongside this change.   The Progressive Post: It is often said...

Europe’s Innovation Opportunity.jpg

Europe’s Innovation Opportunity

By Fred Block / 14 January, 2019

While there is much concern that Europe is falling behind the US and China in the competition for global technological supremacy, the reality is that Europe has a unique opportunity to focus its innovation efforts on the quality of life of its population.   Some people claim that Europe is...

Using real intelligence to shape the virtual world.jpg

Using real intelligence to shape the virtual world

By Pamela Meil / 14 January, 2019

A spectre is haunting Europe: the spectre of … digitalisation. Developments in new digital technologies, in particular big data, algorithms and artificial intelligence, have created a debate on the future of work and its consequences for workers.   There is a lot of fear in the discussion, mostly because trends...

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