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European election, national confidence

By Aaron Farrugia / 23 June, 2014

A large crowd gathered to celebrate victory outside the headquarters of the Malta Labour Party before any official results were declared. Minutes after the countdown began, it became clear that Labour was way out in front. In fact, nearly everyone was surprised by the size of the victory. Labour (PES)...

European elections in Luxembourg: Issues, impact and interests

By Tom Krieps / 23 June, 2014

Ever since the introduction of direct universal suffrage, in 1979, the European elections have been held on the same day as the general election for the Chamber of Deputies in Luxembourg, the only difference being that there is only one constituency. As a result, the general election overshadowed its European...

Lithuania’s youth shoots itself in the foot

By Andrius Bielskis / 23 June, 2014

The European Parliament elections in Lithuania this year were held jointly with the second round of the presidential elections, which were won by a landslide majority by the incumbent president supported by the conservative and liberal parties. Due to these circumstances the EP elections were determined by the right-wing parties...

The Voice of the Europeans who are not there

By Maris Grinvalds / 23 June, 2014

With more than half of MEPs returning to their offices, it is tempting to assume that recent European Parliament (EP) elections in Latvia weren’t worth a deeper look into the process and its outcome. EPP has clear mandate from Latvia and even the new MEPs are too typical for standard...

Behind the victory

By Michele Prospero / 23 June, 2014

The results of the European elections have shaken up the political scene in Italy again due to the high degree of electoral volatility. Unusually, in the new dispensation, one party—the Democratic Party—has dominated with a 15% increase in votes compared with the previous election. This is due to the fragmentation...

Labour gets a ‘Shellacking’ as Sinn Féin rises

By Nat O’Connor / 23 June, 2014

Ireland alone in the EU will not return MEPs to the S&D grouping. However, contrary to the rise of the European right, Irish voters went to the left.    The Labour Party leader has resigned, crystalizing Labour’s woes since entering coalition with conservative Fine Gael. A new Labour leader may...

Bulgaria remains politically moderate

By Mihail Mirchev / 23 June, 2014

Euroscepticism and far-right nationalism did not manage to win in Bulgaria. None of the successful party formations dared to offer an honest and aggressive eurosceptic election platform, though there is a 40% eurosceptic share in the electoral body. Therefore, eurosceptic citizens didn’t find political representatives to vote for. This is...

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