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With the groan of a man, George Floyd, humanity shivers with racism, so does Europe

By Cécile Kashetu Kyenge / 29 June, 2020

To overcome racism, democracy needs to be completed, with a guaranteed and equal access to freedom, justice, and equality – Progressives have a role go play here.

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Black Lives Matter: a new moment for transformation

By Neera Tanden / 18 June, 2020

The US elections in November are a chance to make that change happen and to remove the most racially divisive president in the last century from office.

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Protecting health and data privacy

By Ivana Bartoletti / 18 May, 2020

We must not fall in the trap of pitching privacy vs health and we have to ask ourselves : how we can achieve public health benefits without surveillance

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Europe Day in corona times: putting people over profit

By Luca Visentini / 8 May, 2020

Those who dream of a ‘return to normal’ are fooling themselves. There can be no ‘back to business as usual’

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It is time for the courage to show solidarity!

By Gesine Schwan / 4 May, 2020

German SPD do not have a reputation for being particularly solidary or fair towards our neighbours. Now, they have a new chance to prove that reputation wrong.

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Debt monetisation for the emergency, EU bonds for the recovery

By Alberto Botta / 27 April, 2020

A strategy to fight the COVID-19 emergency and to relaunch the European economy

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Inventing a new EU budgetary capacity?

By Maria João Rodrigues / 24 April, 2020

It seems like the European Council started realising the real scope of this crisis.

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Health, inequality and democracy in the light of the Corona crisis

By Gabor Scheiring / 23 April, 2020

Europe’s conservative elites need to realise that they have to safeguard democratic quality with at least the same vehemence with which they were willing to enforce austerity after 2008.

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Highway to Health?

By Agnieszka Januszczyk / 20 April, 2020

Freedom of movement, as it currently operates in the healthcare sector, undermines the EU’s social cohesion objectives.

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The coronavirus crisis exposes the systemic exploitation between the EU’s West and East

By Elena Zacharenko / 20 April, 2020

The coronavirus crisis starkly highlights the true value of care work, its gendered and regionalised nature, and the scarcity of its supply in an economy which fails to recognise these factors.

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