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The need for a european unemployment insurance

By Sebastian Dullien / 5 July, 2018

Former EU Commissioner László Andor has made a powerful plea for the introduction of a European unemployment insurance to stabilize the euro.

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Even with the European Union having its eyes wide shut, Turkey will not disappear.jpg

Even with the European Union having its eyes wide shut, Turkey will not disappear

By Miltiadis Kyrkos / 5 July, 2018

European politicians need the Turkish bogeyman to dispel their own nightmares. We have been watching them condemn Tayyip Erdoğan’s autocracy.

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The need for an ambitious roadmap for 2019

By Pierre Moscovici / 14 February, 2018

Pierre Moscovici talks about his wish for an ambitious European roadmap for the 2019 European elections.

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The EU-Africa partnership and migration should top our progressive political agenda

By Antony Beumer / 13 February, 2018

Overcoming the challenges of migratory flows and an effective EU refugee policy are pre-conditions for the survival of the European Union.

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Erasmus for all?

By Sergei Stanishev / 13 February, 2018

Erasmus, the student exchange programme, is one of the EU’s greatest success stories. Now, we want to open it to everyone. 

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Why Facebook should be taxed and how to do it

By Paul Tang / 13 February, 2018

Large companies currently have a whole range of opportunities for tax avoidance, to the benefit of a few shareholders and at the expense of many taxpayers.

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Germany and the euro – what’s next?

By Gustav Horn / 12 February, 2018

The apparent popularity of such political trends has led to a shift in the economic policy discourse that puts globalisation in its present form.

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Financing migrant integration in combination with municipality development

By Gesine Schwan / 9 February, 2018

The EU should combine the financing of refugee integration with financing for the development of municipalities.

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Relaunching social Europe? The Pillar of Social Rights and EU governance

By Dimitris Tsarouhas / 8 February, 2018

The launch of the European Pillar of Social Rights has unleashed a fruitful debate, which is closely linked to the future of EU integration. Dr. Tsarouhas looks back at the launch of the Pillar and assesses what should be done now for it to fulfil its potential.   The renewed […]

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