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Illiberal Gender Politics in Central Europe

By Weronika Grzebalska / 28 October, 2018

The ban on Gender Studies and is a key pillar of the illiberal transformation.

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A gender power battle to bring equality into the labour market is underway

By Paola Panzeri / 21 June, 2018

A gender power battle to bring equality into the labour market is underway. Paola Panzeri highlights the importance of this reform in everyday life.

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The EU law on transparent and predictable working conditions is positive

By Frank Lorenz / 21 June, 2018

Wide minimum requirements for employment contracts as the Written Statement Directive is obvious.

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Italy: a “government of change” to step aside from its international role?

By Nicoletta Pirozzi / 13 June, 2018

“Government of change” is the name of the executive created after a political and institutional bargaining between the 5 Star Movement and the League.

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Editorial Progressive Post 8 – Progressive cities

By Maria João Rodrigues / 8 June, 2018

Brussels, Paris, London, Vienna, Lisbon: through cities such as these, led by progressives of a new generation.

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Gender perspective: how differently economics might be done?

By Giulia Zacchia / 8 March, 2018

The lack of women in top positions in economics contributes to misogyny and, at a deeper level, to a more disguised form of discrimination.

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To reunite, we must restore the basics of human cooperation: Trust

By Kathleen Van Brempt / 7 March, 2018

Nevertheless ‘Trust’ is the precondition for mutual cooperation. Trust made it possible for us humans to create the level of welfare we now enjoy.

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Reopening the channels of legal economic migration

By Giuliano Amato / 9 February, 2018

The main antidote to illegal immigration is to restore legal migration.

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How can we ensure that the internet giants pay their fair share of tax?

By Pervenche Berès / 9 February, 2018

The digital revolution, our policies need to evolve to deal with this new type of wealth creation.

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"I know very few whistleblowers who regret their actions and that’s the case with me."

By Antoine Deltour / 24 January, 2018

An interview by Alain Bloëdt with Antoine Deltour, one of the two whistleblowers who caused the “LuxLeaks” scandal

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