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Trade requires rules

By Ann Linde / 21 September, 2016

Globalisation is not a destiny to which we must yield without question. It can be shaped – in a social, democratic and sustainable way. Globalisation is an opportunity. We are aware of this especially in Sweden and Germany. As members of the EU, we take advantage of open borders, exchange and trade....

Keep Calm and Rewrite the Rules of the European Union

By Massimo D’Alema / 12 July, 2016

The negative result of the UK-EU Referendum is the biggest signal for leaders to develop enhanced cooperation along with institutional reform. It means tangible reforms for citizens who consider the Europe Union as their present and future. Brexit is currently the most tangible sign of the European crisis in Europe....

Launch of the magazine

By Ernst Stetter / 11 July, 2016

Download the German press release At a time when many turn their back on the European Union, progressive European think-tank FEPS looks towards the future with the launch on the 25th of May 2016 of a new European and progressive magazine, “THE PROGRESSIVE POST”. Published in three languages, French, English...

Millennial Dialogue

By Massimo D’Alema / 24 May, 2016

Engaging and creating a better understanding of the priorities and values of millennials   with the most comprehensive and far-reaching international survey of millennials ever taken… It is a well-known fact that journalistic diagnoses often depict young people as lazy, apathetic and politically disengaged. Generally, young people are also absent within...

The Left in Governement

By François Hollande / 24 May, 2016

May resonates in the history of the French Left (Front populaire, election of F. Mitterrand). In this context and the upcoming Presidential election in France in May 2017, FEPS with Jean Jaurès Foundation and Terra Nova organised a debate concluded by French President François Hollande. Speech from François Hollande (only available in French) Mesdames...

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