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Analysing UK-EU trade relations in the context of Brexit

By Sandra Parthie / 5 February, 2018

There has been an idea doing the rounds in the UK (which is now on its last legs) that German industry will ensure, via Chancellor Angela Merkel’s clout in EU decision making, favourable Brexit conditions for the UK. But this argument doesn’t hold water partly because it is not unclear […]

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Serbian Elections: Victory of Regional (In)stability

By Nikola Burazer / 13 July, 2017

The question of how will Vučić react to increasing pressure at home remains open.

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The project of Marine Le Pen will lead to benefits for the better off

By admin / 5 May, 2017

Although stigmatisation of foreigners has been the mainspring of the National Front since its foundation, the far-right party is now trying to present itself as “the voice of the people” and defender of the weak by investing in economic and social issues. The inability of successive governments to provide convincing […]

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The impact of Russia in national campaigns in the EU. Is the Bulgarian case an exception?

By André Gerrits / 26 April, 2017

Russia is back. What appears as a smart combination of diplomatic skills, traditional military hard power and the massive deployment of cyber technology has brought Russia back to the centre stage of global politics. Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine and in Syria has created only limited diplomatic backlash. Moscow is […]

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Digital work and politics: What impact will "Work 4.0" have on the world of work and politics?

By Michael Rosecker / 30 March, 2017

View this text’s literature and sources here View this text in German here Inevitable consequences Digitisation is a fact. Its impact on the working world is often portrayed as an inescapable constraint to which labour markets, and thus workers, can or must just adapt on pain of social exclusion. The […]

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Which powers back to the Member States?

By Martin Höpner / 23 March, 2017

With the White Paper on the Future of Europe, presented on 1 March (here), the European Commission avoids settling on a single reform concept, thus avoiding the danger of causing resistance ahead of the EU Summit in Rome and the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome. Whatever the strategic […]

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Post-Summit dopping in polls – is Law and Justice to recuperate (again)?

By Marcin Duma / 21 March, 2017

In the last 17 months – the period since the swearing in of the current government – the polls have been showing that Law and Justice enjoys stable popularity. There were just two moments when the support for the ruling party visibly dropped. The first was noted in April 2016, […]

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Romania- the political crisis is over, but the real challenges are lying ahead

By Victoria Stoiciu / 28 February, 2017

The Romanian parliamentary elections held in December 2016 were won massively by the Social Democratic Party (PSD, 45%), who also formed the Government in January 2017, next to the liberal-democrats from the Liberal Democratic Alliance (ALDE). Soon after the installment, the new government, led by Sorin Grindeanu, announced a set […]

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Finnish Local Elections and the Health, Social Services and Regional Government Reform

By Markku Valtanen / 15 February, 2017

Finnish local elections take place in the spring in an atmosphere of uncertainty. Public health and social services as well as education are traditional themes of municipal elections. The elections are only two months away and due to government reform plans it remains unknown whether the municipalities will be responsible […]

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Three aspects could make Finland’s upcoming contest more interesting than usual

By Mikko Majander / 15 February, 2017

First, it has been almost two years since the last general elections of any form. The April elections will measure not just the local balance of power but the support the present centre-right government is enjoying among the electorate. The international trend has been that despite their sophisticated methods the […]

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