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The project of Marine Le Pen will lead to benefits for the better off

Although stigmatisation of foreigners has been the mainspring of the National Front since its foundation, the far-right party is now trying to present itself as “the voice of the people” and defender of the weak by investing in economic and social issues. The inability of successive governments to provide convincing answers to rising inequalities, lack […]

The impact of Russia in national campaigns in the EU. Is the Bulgarian case an exception?

Russia is back. What appears as a smart combination of diplomatic skills, traditional military hard power and the massive deployment of cyber technology has brought Russia back to the centre stage of global politics. Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine and in Syria has created only limited diplomatic backlash. Moscow is still on relatively good terms […]

Digital work and politics: What impact will "Work 4.0" have on the world of work and politics?

View this text’s literature and sources here View this text in German here Inevitable consequences Digitisation is a fact. Its impact on the working world is often portrayed as an inescapable constraint to which labour markets, and thus workers, can or must just adapt on pain of social exclusion. The affects can neither be tracked […]

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