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Soft Power – the DNA of the European Union

By Staffan de Mistura / 8 December, 2016

As an epitome of soft power, the EU is often conceived as a role model for peaceful integration. However, in a global context of conflicts, the rise of radicalism and terrorism, is soft power muscular enough to tackle the problems the Union faces today?  As a citizen of two European...

Populism Report: July – September 2016

By admin / 20 October, 2016

With the support of European populist parties at a standstill, this year’s general trend has continued during summer months too. However, their decelerating expansion across Europe is at best a neutral, and in no way a positive development. According to opinion polls, it seems that populist forces have managed to...

Iran’s Millennials: The Burgeoning Generation

By Beatrice Maneshi / 5 October, 2016

Iran’s millennials (Nasl-e Sevvom meaning the ‘Third Generation’ in Farsi) includes the generations born in the post-Islamic Revolutionary decades. Their presence in society is first and foremost impressive in its sheer number, composing more than 60% of Iran’s population of 75 million. This youthful group has grown up in the...

On the Campaign Trail

By Ken Gude / 14 September, 2016

The 2016 US presidential campaign has entered the home stretch with Hillary Clinton holding a meaningful lead over Donald Trump both nationally and in the battleground states. Trump has defied expectations both that he would pivot away from the incendiary rhetoric, xenophobic policies, and litany of personal insults that dominated...

The populism tracker : the new progpost partnership

By admin / 12 July, 2016

The Populism Tracker of The Progressive Post aims at becoming the most comprehensive rubrique investigating the trends of populism in all the countries of the European Union. The website is operated by FEPS and Policy Solutions. Go to spotlights > Populism tracker

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