State of Populism in Europe 2020

Populism in Europe 2020 – ending a project of half a decade When the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) launched the Populism Tracker project jointly with the Budapest-based Policy Solutions in 2015, we set out to gauge the impact of these changing trends, to present their insights about this phenomenon to the wider public, …

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The State of Populism in Europe 2018

“Based on our Populism Tracker database, at the end of 2018, 30.3% of European likely voters would have voted for a populist party, in other words, over a quarter of the electorate supports some populist formation. A year ago, in December 2017, this ratio was somewhat lower at only 26.5%. Therefore, one can definitely not speak about …

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Progressive Answers to Populism

 Hungarian version available here  Progressive Answers to Populism in France Although, the problem of rising populism is becoming a more and more researched topic – FEPS and Policy Solutions joint research programme called “Populism Tracker” being a testament to this –, there are very few if any serious analyses that offer an antidote to populism. …

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Populism Report Q3 2018

After the surge of European populists in the first half of 2018, the third quarter has been once again a blooming period for populist forces which seems to be worrying for the mainstream parties less than a year before the next European Elections. The rise of anti-establishment powers has mainly affected Eastern Europe, especially Latvia, …

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Populism Report Q2 2018

If the first quarter of 2018 only offered a slight indication that this would be a much better year for populists than 2017, then the second quarter appears to be a strong confirmation that this is indeed a trend. There is no populist tsunami, but at least for the time being, there is a creeping …

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The State of Populism Q1 2018

SPRINGTIME FOR POPULISM STATE OF POPULISM, Q1 2018 As a result of a series of disappointing electoral performances, populist parties failed to achieve major breakthroughs in 2017. Populist parties weren’t exactly weak last year, but inflated expectations made even otherwise impressive results – such as Marine Le Pen’s 33.9% in the French presidential election or …

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