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Future-proofing AI: regulation for innovation, human rights and societal progress

How can AI be regulated so that it enhances innovation and competitive power, that it is future-proof, protects fundamental human rights, and brings forward societal benefits? This is the task the European Union set itself to accomplish with the introduction of the AI Act, which was approved by the European Parliament on 14 June. Establishing […]

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The EU’s dangerous proposal for stopping online child sexual abuse material

Child sexual abuse material is a horror, causing long-term harm to victims. Numbers are increasing: the US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which collects and shares child sexual abuse material evidence with authorised parties, reported 29 million cases of online sexual exploitation in 2021. This is a factor of 10 increase over 2011 […]

Future of work: between global, digital, local and green

The analysis of the future of work is sandwiched between two megatrends. On the one hand, there is the renewed hyper-globalisation in the services sector, reinforced by progress in digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence, and on the other hand, there is a relocation of production and services linked to the imperative of the green transformation. Two […]

Politics at work in a time of Zeitenwende

How can the European centre-left advance an agenda based on industrial policy, social partnership and the integration of the labour interest into the apparatus of the state? Thoughts from a roundtable in London.  The future of work is often treated as principally a question of technology. The impression is given that we find ourselves in […]