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A very big victory for PASOK

“A very big victory” for PASOK, Nikos Androulakis, the PASOK leader, said after the announcement of the national election results. PASOK – the Panhellenic Socialist Movement –, a historic party and member of the PES party family, succeed in increasing its percentage by more than 40 percentage points compared to the previous national elections in […]

Greek elections 2023: the loud return of the silent majority

After a long decade of economic crisis, social turmoil and institutional shaking, the Greek society has escaped the clashing rocks of populism and extremism on 21 May, opening up, even in a calm, serene way, a new chapter in its political history.  Greece has survived a long and painful chapter in European politics of the […]

The 21 May Greek election: entirely unexpected and extremely consequential

Still reeling from the long-term effects of more than a decade of economic turmoil, most Greeks headed to the polls on 21 May expecting that this election would be far less fateful when compared to previous turbulent cycles during the crisis years, in which a feeling of relentless existential angst engulfed the Greek political system […]

Conservative landslide: markets dancing to the tune, soul-searching for the Left

The Greek parliamentary elections of 21 May have resulted in a resounding win for the conservative Nea Dimokratia, led by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The elections have been a strategic defeat for the Left, which calls for a fundamental rethink of progressive politics in the country. In a widely reported episode of the Greek economic […]

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