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Hedge: A Greater Safety Net for the Entrepreneurial Age

Hedge: A Greater Safety Net for the Entrepreneurial Age

Nicolas Colin

Where do prosperity and economic security come from? Nicolas Colin explores how society has changed over the last three decades as a result of the technological revolution that has swept through the whole economy and led to the emergence of new businesses. He analyses the transformation of our society by examining the rise of populism with the advent of Donald Trump, macroeconomic instability, and the role of entrepreneurs and the state in this paradigm. However, this change has exposed individuals to a new form of economic insecurity that largely explains the current crisis of the Western middle class. In this paradigm shift it is Europe, above all, that offers a distinct institutional context in which it is essential to ensure that the more ambitious objectives of economic security and entrepreneurial prosperity are achieved. Indeed, European citizens – most of whom still live fairly comfortably – have a great deal to lose in this transformation. There have long been concerns about the development of Europe. And in the face of such widespread mistrust of change, it is precisely here that European entrepreneurs can provide some useful lessons for the American technology industry.

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